You can come out of any craphole in life by adopting the right mindset

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Hey, I am Nistha Tripathi!

I am a bestselling author known for my traveling 6 months a year lifestyle. And a Top Writer on Quora with 40K+ followers. I have had work published in Entrepreneur, Times, DNA, Tribune, Business Insider, and more. I write about personal growth, happiness, success and building a fulfilling lifestyle.

5 years ago, I quit a dream job in Manhattan to restart my personal and professional life inĀ a tier 2 city in India. I, now, have a steady business, my third book was published and declared a bestseller; I’m travelingĀ more than ever.

From a high-earning-but-unhappy-professional to a financially-independent, doing-what-I-love explorer, I have learned a thing or two about breaking mental traps. That is what I share with my readers here.

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