How our unplanned Blogging workshop blew all the expectations!

Within 15 days, we conceptualized and delivered a blogging workshop which ended with high-quality participation and feedback. I am sharing how we managed to do it and how you can do the same!

I (author, Seven Conversations) joined hands with Pardeep (runs the award-winning blog who comes with significant hands-on experience in content marketing. Given my background in book writing and publishing and creative content, we thought of broad topics which aligned well together. Since we both work online most of the time, the idea was to do an offline blogging workshop and connect with good bloggers in India.

How to make your next event successful?

Here is how we managed to execute it and so can you-

  1. Clear priority – To deliver high-quality material on the topic that not many people know about. Our only goal was to underpromise and overdeliver. I think we did well on that 🙂 We covered following topics:
    – Customer Persona
    – Writing & Storytelling
    – Facebook & Google for organic growth
    – Email Marekting
    – Traditional & Self Publishing Books
    – Monetization of Blogging Effort
  2. Target right audience – We knew we cannot invite a diverse crowd and make it useful for everyone. So, we asked people to fill out an application form. We handpicked the bloggers who had been blogging sincerely already. This helped us in delivering value to a focused group of people who could appreciate well what we were talking about.
    “Everyone is not your customer.” -Seth Godin
    We had received 35 applications but we invited only 18 people (who had a good experience in blogging). Out of those 11 attended the workshop. Since it was our first workshop and we were testing waters, it made sense to invite a small but focused audience.
  3. Making it super interactive – Lesser number of people allowed personalised interactions. We decided not to do the QnA at the end but to allow the audience to ask questions at anytime. This ensured that the audience did not feel left out.
  4. Asking people what they want – We did this at 2 levels. First, we asked in our application form what they expect from us. This helped us in filtering right candidates. Secondly, we told the participants what we were planning to cover at the beginning of the workshop itself. We changed some of our agenda based on what sounded more useful for the people. This made our audience super invested in rest of the workshop.
  5. Being adaptive – We had no material ready till the day before. I created a PPT in the last moment and Pardeep used the whiteboard. In a way, it helped us to be super nimble and adapt to whatever the audience wanted.

Workshop details can be found on

Gift Economy Model

Lastly, we conducted our workshop based on Gift Economy model (watch this video and we felt great that people contributed what they felt comfortable with. I and Pardeep both believe in creating value more than commercial success and this model aligns with our principles.

At the end, we felt we helped our audience learn good things and the appreciation we received was the best remuneration. Blogging has a long way to go in India and we want to strengthen this community by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Content Marketing and Blogging Workshop, Delhi, by Nistha Tripathi and Pardeep Goyal

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